Roblox Coding Tips

When coding in Roblox (using the code language Lua), there are certain things that are helpful to Know. Here are five Roblox Coding Tips!

Code assist

When the game Roblox was created (link to the game), a helpful tool was added. I call it the Code Assist. While coding in Roblox a code assist bar should pop up to the right of your coding. A word should turn blue, and you can press tab if that’s the word that you want in your code. This helps you to eliminate mistakes and makes coding faster.

Object Browser

In Roblox, when you’re creating a game, at the top of the screen there is a view tab. Click on it, and under view, there should be a second button called object browser. The object browser tells you what you can do with a part, or what you can do to the players. All you have to do is click on the part that you want and then your options will show up to the right of that object.

Advertisement Roblox Coding Tips

Everyone knows that a successful game is advertised.  By making an advertisement that links players to all of your games, you can save a lot of money!


Before you create a game, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Would you play this game?
  2. Would other people play this game?
  3. Is there a good game like it already created?
  4. How long would the game be popular?
  5. Would people buy your game passes and other items?

If you answer these questions, you are sure to know if you have a good game idea!

Builder’s Club

When choosing to buy a Builder’s Club pass, any mistake could be very costly.  Make sure to follow these tips to avoid any mistakes.

  • If you are choosing to make a game by yourself, go with the normal Builder’s Club option. It gives you 70% of your prophet for a cheap price of only $5.95 per month!
  • If you are choosing to make a game with a group, you should get the Outrageous Builder’s Club option. It might cost $19.95 per month, but it gives you 100 Robux whenever someone joins the game group. (The game group is like a fan club for a game or topic that Roblox users can search for, and join.)

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