Training in Super Power Training Simulator

Super Power Training simulator (Link to the game) really puts you to the test. Do you have what it takes to control your powers? While this may seem overwhelming, these are some tips on training in Super Power Training Simulator. You’ll be confident in no time!

Training Psychic Power in Super Power Training Simulator

Psychic Power can be one of the most important things to train. It is the key to getting powers such as flying and killing intent. Some easy ways to train your psychic power, are to fly (training psychic at the same time, and to go to the island in the sky where you can train your psychic if it is above 1 million.

Training Fist Strength

Although Training Fist Strength is a challenge, there are still five ‘special’ places that boost your training.

  • The Rock
  • The Sky Crystal
  • The Blue God Star
  • The Green God Star
  • The Red God Star

Each of these places is hidden in plain sight.

RockOutside of
Safe Zone
Power 3 questx 10
Sky CrystalAbove
Fly skillx 100
Blue God Star Above
Zen Temple
1 billion fist strength x 2,000
Green God StarIn the sky100 billion fist strengthx 40,000
Red God StarIn the sky10 trillion fist strengthx  800,000

Training Body Toughness

Overall, body toughness is important to keep up your attack resilience. To train body toughness, you have to go into pools of a very hot, cold, or acidic liquid to train. There are 5 locations to train body toughness.

  • Pier
  • Ice Cave
  • Tornado
  • Volcano
  • City building

As your body toughness goes up, it feeds into your aura. You even get lightning bolts in your aura, when you get to 10 million Body Toughness!

Training Jump Force and Speed

Training jump force and speed can be a daunting task. They are arguably the hardest things to train! The training helpers are the weights (although it takes more time to be able to use jump force with the weight).

Did you know that Jump force increases the speed that you fly at? Crazy, huh.

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